Gifted Programs

Gifted Programs Organization at HGS


K-2 provides enrichment lessons each week for a minimum of 30 minutes per week.  During this time, teachers make observations while providing development activities that begins the referral process.  

Placement for gifted students begins in 3rd grade. 3rd-6th grade Identified Gifted Students are placed in a pull-out classroom with other GT students with a certified GT teacher for at least 150 minutes weekly. 6th grade GT students may also enroll in a middle level Pre-AP course. 

7th-9th grade Identified Gifted Students have the opportunity to participate in Pre-AP classes to prepare them for AP classes and higher level content at the high school level.  GT identified students in grades 7-9 should be enrolled in at least one Pre-AP class.

10th-12th grade Identified Gifted Students have the opportunity to participate in Pre-AP, AP and Concurrent Credit Classes.  GT identified students in grades 10-12 should be enrolled in at least one Pre-AP, AP, or concurrent credit course.


The Curriculum for Gifted Learners at HGS focuses on and includes content which is more elaborate, complex, and in-depth.  It allows for the development and application of productive thinking skills to enable students to re-conceptualize existing knowledge and to generate new knowledge. It enables students to explore constantly changing knowledge and information and to learn to use necessary resources to understand and extend this knowledge.  It promotes self-understanding and self-initiated and self-directed growth and development of interpersonal relationships.  It stresses higher-level thinking skills, creativity, and excellence in performance and projects.  

     In the elementary and middle school setting, the curriculum is extended beyond the regular curriculum. Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) and Quirkles are curriculum used at the lower elementary level. Other units are designed to fit the needs of students to enhance creative and critical thinking. William & Mary curriculum are supplementary material at the middle school level. Students may also participate in activities and competitions. These may include: Chess, Quiz Bowl, Newzbrain,, MakerSpace, The Stock Market Game, Math Olympiads, and other programs.

     At the Secondary Level, curriculum is designed to offer advanced instruction, enrichment content topics and specific skills related to high-level creative and critical thinking.  The Curriculum is differentiated in content, process, and/or product.  This differentiation is documented in lesson plans and through student work samples.  Pre-AP classes are offered in grades 7-11.  AP and concurrent credit classes are offered at the high school level.  Other opportunities may include Arkansas Governor's School, The Stock Market Game, Chess, and Quiz Bowl.