Is My Child Gifted?

Is My Child Gifted?

Often when you ask someone the characteristics of a gifted child, the person describes a BRIGHT child.  Bright students often are students who are successful in the classroom setting.  They work hard, follow the teachers’ directions, enjoy school, and find the curriculum neither too hard nor too easy.  The gifted child may be the student spending most of his or her day “daydreaming” because he/she is so bored in the classroom.  The gifted student may be doing everything except what the teacher wants him/her to do.  Gifted children are often not challenged by the work presented to them because the concepts and ideas are below their intellectual prowess in some or all areas.  They may even “give up” because of this or show very little work to demonstrate mastery of a subject.  These are the students who require gifted education in order to be successful academically.

A Bright Child...

A Gifted Child...

knows the answer

asks the questions- often deep probing questions of an abstract nature

is interested

is highly curious

is attentive

is mentally and physically involved

has good ideas

has wild, silly ideas

works hard

plays around, yet tests well

answers the questions

discusses in detail, elaborates

top group

beyond the group

listens with interest

shows strong feelings and opinions

learns with ease

already knows

6-8 repetitions for mastery

1-2 repetitions for mastery

understands ideas

constructs ideas

enjoys peers

prefers company with like-minded ideas usually found in older students or with adults

grasps the meaning

draws inferences and opens up new questions

completes assignments

initiates projects

copies accurately

creates a new design

enjoys school

enjoys learning- but may hate school

absorbs information

manipulates information


inventor-loves construction toys

good memorizer

good guesser

is alert

is keenly observant- seems to remember fine detail

is pleased with own learning

is highly self-critical- can be perfectionistic to the point of tantrums when young

enjoys straight-forward and/or sequential presentation

Thrives on complexity- need the whole picture.