What We're Learning!
‚ÄčKindergarten - Students are learning about and practicing critical thinking skills by interpreting the meaning of statements and identifying probably causes and effects. Students are listening to the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. Afterwards, students are prompted to draw how Lilly feels at certain points of the book. Students also solve logic puzzles and riddles this week.  

1st Grade -  Students are learning about detective thinking (finding clues, putting clues together, persistence). This week, students are listening to clues about mystery creatures in Crystal Pond Woods and illustrating and labeling the creatures. Afterwards, the class discusses each set of clues and finalizes the one correct answer for each mystery creature.

2nd Grades - Students are reviewing detective thinking from 1st grade and learning the terms deductive logic and convergent thinking. Students will learn how to use logic grids to organize clues into visual representations to solve problems.

3rd Grade - Last week students learned how to put deductive logic and analytical thinking together to solve a variety of convergent thinking puzzles. This week students will continue to develop their ability to solve rigorous logic elimination grids. Students will be tasked to create their own logic elimination grid this week.  

4th Grade Students began Inventors, Inventions, and You this week. During this unit, students will investigate the meaning behind inventing and study some of the most famous inventors. Students will combine creative principles and research methods to study their choice of an inventor in which they'll design a project about. Students will also have an opportunity each day to use elements of creativity (fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration) to think of new ways to solve problems. 

5th Grade - Students have been working collaboratively with their classmates to complete digital breakouts! Digital breakouts encourage the use of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Each breakout is a riddle comprised of many hidden clues. Students must solve riddles to gain access to clues and then put clues together to find solutions. Each breakout typically consist of 4 solutions. 

6th Grade Students began a unit on leadership last week. This unit, Changing Tomorrow, is geared towards helping middle school students identify what leadership is, what it looks like in different domains, and how to develop their personal level of leadership. This week students have identified leaders in American society, sorted them into domains, and identified a composite list of character traits they believe to be most important for leaders to possess. Each student selected one trait and wrote a rationale for why it is a must that every leader possess it. 

Math Olympiads--5th grade advanced math students will be nominated for Math Olympiads by their teachers and will begin practicing in October.

 Quiz Bowl--7th grade Quiz Bowl members will practice each day at lunch October 2-6, 2017. They will be competing in the Dawson Cooperative QB tournament on October 16th at Henderson State University. 

Jr. High & HS students receive their weekly GT minutes through Advanced Placement courses such as AP US History, AP Literature and Language, AP Biology, AP English, Freshman Composition, and College Algebra.