What We're Learning!
‚ÄčKindergarten - Students are learning about relationships between things and ideas. Students are currently working on completing picture analogies. 

1st Grade -  First grade students are currently working on creative thinking, specifically originality and elaboration, through transformations. Students are asked to brainstorm ways they can change a common shape into a new picture or idea. They then are asked to add lots of details to make their transformations tell complete stories. They are also learning to give their transformations clever titles. 

2nd Grades - Students are working on the four components of creativity: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. Students are practicing brainstorming lots of different ideas and transforming objects and ideas into things that other kids would not think of. In addition, they are learning the skills of effective elaboration to give meaning to their illustrations. They are developing each of these skills through brainstorming, collaboration, transformations, picture completions, creative writing, Play By the Rules activities, and through computer science. 

3rd Grade - Students are working on numerous activities this spring. They are currently developing their understanding of computer science principles through coding online and through unplugged activities. Students are continuing to strengthen their reasoning skills through Detective Club mysteries. Meanwhile, our 3rd and 4th grade team are preparing for their first Quiz Bowl match. 

4th Grade Students are preparing for DI state finals on April 8th. They have taken the feedback from their regional tournament to strengthen their solutions for the challenges in which they accepted. In addition, our 3rd and 4th grade Quiz Bowl team is preparing for their first Quiz Bowl match. 

5th Grade - Students are continuing to read and discuss Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. We have enjoyed watching numerous videos and interviews from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Students are beginning to think deeply about world issues and continue to make connections between historical events. They recently researched someone from the USHMM website that was affected by the Holocaust and created a memorial to be hung in the classroom. Students are working to create "I Am" poems during the next week. 

6th Grade Students are digging deep into the world of computer science! This week they are investigating the Makey-Makey. Makey-Makey is a small circuit board that uses conductive materials as a keyboard. Students have used pennies, Play-Doh, aluminum foil, and bananas to run different programs. 

Math Olympiads--5th grade advanced math students have successfully complete all 5 modules! We are excited to recognize them at the awards ceremony in May. 

Jr. High & HS students receive their weekly GT minutes through Advanced Placement courses such as AP US History, AP Literature and Language, AP Biology, AP English, Freshman Composition, and College Algebra.