What We're Learning!
‚ÄčKindergarten - Students are learning about and practicing critical & creative thinking skills. This month they've been working on critical thinking skills using analogies and listening skills which require them to think about concrete ideas in unique ways. 

1st Grade -  Students are learning about scientific thinking with Sybil the Scientist. This month they've learned about what scientists do and the tools they use to collect, sort, and classify data.

2nd Grades - Students are reviewing inventor thinking and learning the  SCAMPER process for creative thinking. They are working with Isabel the Inventor to transform objects into things that are used in new ways by substituting, combining, adding, making larger and smaller, eliminating, and rearranging parts. They will begin writing their news stories for the Crystal Clarion to go along with their Scamperations! 

3rd Grade - Students have been working on their visual thinking skills by application of pentominoes (5 sq. unit shapes). They will mentally manipulate shapes and then use their critical thinking skills to apply those shapes to various situations. 

4th Grade Students will begin a new unit on Ancient Greece this month! They'll learn about the history of Greece (Athens vs. Sparta, geography, customs, etc.) and Greek mythology. We'll also read Tales From the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne. This is a book based on The Iliad and the Odyssey. 

5th Grade - Students will begin a new unit on the Holocaust and WWII this month. They will be researching and learning about the events and we will read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Students will complete various projects and presentations throughout the unit. We'll be utilizing lots of resources from The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

6th Grade Students began a unit on leadership last week. This unit, Changing Tomorrow, is geared towards helping middle school students identify what leadership is, what it looks like in different domains, and how to develop their personal level of leadership. So far, students have studied Robert Ballard, Margaret Thatcher, and Duke Ellington. Students will begin thinking about who they'd like to research individually. They will complete a 9 week project in which they read, research, and report on a leader. They will also begin planning their Community Leadership Panel. 
In addition, students are practicing and preparing for the 6th grade Quiz Bowl tournament at Henderson State University on January 29th. 

Math Olympiads--5th grade advanced math students have been participating in the MOEMS program every Monday during their lunch period. They have been working collaboratively to practice non-routine problem solving and once monthly they compete independently through the MOEMS monthly challenges!

Quiz Bowl--Jr. High & HS Quiz Bowl teams have been diligently preparing for tournament season which begins in January.

Jr. High & HS students receive their weekly GT minutes through Advanced Placement courses such as AP US History, AP Literature and Language, AP Biology, AP English, Freshman Composition, and College Algebra.