Meal Charges 

The district does not provide credit for students to charge for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items available for purchase in the school food service areas. Meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items may be purchased by having a prepaid account with the District that may be charged for the items. Parents, or students choosing to do so, may pay in advance for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items through any of the following methods: 

  • Submitting cash or check payment at the following locations:

    ELEMENTARY:  Homeroom Teacher or Office

    MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Homeroom Teacher or Office

    JUNIOR HIGH:  Office

    HIGH SCHOOL:  Food Service Bookkeeper or Drop Box; or

  • Depositing funds through the District’s online service; 

A student’s parents will be contacted by authorized District personnel regarding a student’s prepaid account balance when it is zero or below.


Alternative Meals

The District does not provide alternative meals for students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.

The District provides alternative meals at no cost to students whose accounts do not have enough funds to purchase a meal in grades seven through twelve. Alternative meals are available during the regular lunch period. 

The alternative meals provided to students are available as a packaged meal.  Students who have submitted proper documentation to receive a meal modification in accordance with Policy 4.50—SCHOOL MEAL MODIFICATIONS shall receive the same type of modification for an alternative meal.


Legal References: 
Commissioner’s Memo CNU-17-003

Commissioner’s Memo CNU-17-024


Date Adopted: 4-17-2017

Last Revised:  6-19-2017