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Approved 2-13-17; Revised 6-19-17

 Summer 2017   Six Days Teacher In-Service 
 August 9-10   Teacher In-Service
 August 14   First Day of School
 September 4   Holiday - Labor Day
 September 19   Parent-Teacher Conferences for MS/JH/HS
 October 19   Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elementary
 October 20   Teacher In-Service (no school for students)
 October 23   No School
 November 20-24   Holiday - Thanksgiving
 Dec 20- Jan 2   Holiday - Christmas
 January 15   Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
 February 15   Parent-Teacher Conferences
 February 16   No School
 February 19   Holiday - President's Day
 March 19-23   Holiday - Spring Break
 March 30   Holiday - Good Friday
 May 15   Graduation
 May 28   Holiday - Memorial Day
 June 4   Last Day of School
 Note:  Five (5) emergency days are included.  Any days missed above the five will be added to the end of the school year.  Any of the five not used will be taken off the end of the school year. 


2017-2018 SCHOOL CALENDAR - revised 6-19-2017