9th Grade Language Arts

Welcome to our class webpage.  

We are beginning our new Unit Monday, November 2, 2015.  We will be reading The Maze Runner.  This unit will be the a majority your child's grade.  It will take from now until the end of the nine weeks to complete.  Your child will be graded on language arts skills, reading and writing for a total of 1,063 points.  The calendar has links for videos and also work for each day.  This will be a great way if your child is absent to stay on track.
Your child can listen to the story on the following website:

Here is a breakdown on what your child will be graded on during this unit:

Pre-reading Bias: 9pts

Post-reading Bias: 13 pts.

Slang words: 26 pts.Character Study 70 pts.

Quizzes: 140 pts.

Quickwrites: 56 pts

Definitions: 120 pts

Definitions Test: 120 pts

Plot: 10 pts

Conflict: 20 pts

Film Vs Novel: 22 pts

Mapping the Glades: 50 pts

Response to Literary Essay: 50 pts

Speech: 50 pts

Figurative Language worksheet: 33 pts

Idioms: 18 pts

Figurative Language Meanings: 18 pts

In Class Projects (4): 200 pts

At home project: 100 pts

Total of 1,133 points