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Month of March

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Merry March!

March – In like a lion and out like a lamb.
This month has many exciting events that are sure to shake off the winter doldrums and welcome spring with open arms.  Our skate night is March 7th and offers fun for all; our Invention Fair on March 16th where students get to share their projects and have a chance to win awards for their work and you can “invest stock” in their inventions as well that night.  As you can see, an exciting month. Come share it with us. Thanks to those of you that participated in our parent survey.  The results can be found on the Principal’s Page on the MS link from the district website.  You input is invaluable to help us keep improving our school. 


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 2016-17 MS Dates


Spring Semester

Skate Night                                                          March 7                                                  6:00 - 8:00

Math and Science Fair                                      March 16                                                    5:30 – 7:30

End of Third 9 Weeks                                        March 17

Report Cards Out                                               March 17

AR Reward Party 3                                             March 17                                                    2:00 – 3:00

Spring Break                                                       March 20 – 24

Skate Night                                                         April 4                                                         6:00 – 8:00

Middle School Talent Show                            April 11                                                      1:00 and 7:00

No School                                                            April 14

Band Solo Contest (6th grade only)                April 18                                                       after school

Talent Show                                                        April 20                                                       7:00

No School                                                            April 24

Skate Night                                                         May 2                                                          6:00 – 8:00

Band Concert                                                     May 9                                                           7:00

Jr. Honor Society Induction                            May 23                                                         9:00

Middle School Awards                                     May 25                                                         1:00

AR Reward Party 4                                            May 26                                                         2:00 -3:00

Band to Magic Springs (6th grade only)        May 26                                                         all day

No School                                                            May 29                

Last Day of School                                             June 7                             (5 snow days calculated in)


Parent Survey Results
Parent/Teacher Conference 


Survey Questions
Rating System from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)
Total points scored for each answer is demonstrated on the chart above.
These correspond to the questions answered below:

We appreciate your input.

1. Our school’s educational program is of high quality.

2. Our school is doing an excellent job teaching:

3. Reading

4. Writing

5. Math

6. Science

7. Social Studies

8. Fine Arts

9. Physical Education

10. The size of classes does not affect the quality of my child’s education.

11. My child has access to a variety of resources to help him/her learn.

12. Our school's facilities are clean and well maintained.

13. My child is being well prepared to continue his/her education.

14. Our school is preparing my child to deal with issues and problems he or she will face in the future.

15. The school’s programs are broad enough to meet the educational needs of all students in the community.

16. Students in our school show respect for each other.

17. Our school’s discipline policies are fair and effective.

18. Students in our school demonstrate sensitivity to racial and ethnic issues.

19. Teachers and administrators at our school demonstrate sensitivity to racial and ethnic issues.

20. Our school provides students and teachers with a safe and orderly environment.

21. Teachers and administrators at our school demonstrate genuine concern for the well being of students.

22. Students at our school demonstrate genuine concern for the well being of fellow students.

23. Parents feel welcome in our schools.

24. The views of parents are seriously considered when school decisions are made.

25. Parents have a good understanding of the school’s programs and operations.

26. Parents receive information they need about the school’s programs.

 Thank you for your participation in this survey.  We value the opinion of our families and will use this data and information to improve our level of service to you.
Mr. Taylor